The European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) (www.effas.net) is a Pan-European grouping of the National Societies of Financial Analysts, bringing together leading experts from all of Europe's Equity and Fixed Income markets.


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ABAF-BVFA is member of EFFAS, the European Federation of Financial Analyst Societies (www.effas.net)



The two executive bodies of EFFAS are the General Meeting of members and the Executive Management Committee (EMC). ABAF-BVFA is member of EFFAS, the European Federation of Financial Analyst Societies (www.effas.net). ABAF-BVFA represents the Belgian member of EFFAS.

The General Meeting is composed of the authorized representatives of the National Member Societies. The EMC is responsible for the day-to-day management of EFFAS and has full responsibility for taking binding decisions. The strategy and budgets are approved by the General Assembly where the presidents of the different member countries are present. The Authority of the EMC covers all subjects from Training, Representations, Working Groups, Finance, Ethics, External Relations to ACIIA representation. In order to monitor the quality of the manuals, syllabi and diploma's throughout EFFAS, a training and qualification commission has been created. This TQC continuously monitors training all over Europe and gives recommendations on improvements to the EMC who decide on the implementation of those.


EFFAS Member Societies


Austria – OVFA - www.ovfa.at - office@ovfa.at  

Belgium – ABAF-BVFA  - www.abaf.be - info@abaf-bvfa.be  

Bosnia - SMS-DTS - www.trzisnestudije.org - drustvo@trzisnestudije.org  

Bulgaria – BIMA - www.bima.bg - d.boyadzhiev@bima.bg  

Croatia – HUFA  Finland – FSFA - www.sijoitusanalyytikot.fi - matti.riikonen@elisanet.fi  

France – SFAF - www.sfaf.comsfaf@sfaf.com  

Germany – DVFA - www.dvfa.de - nfo@dvfa.de  

Great Britain – CISI - http://www.cisi.org/ - info@cisi.org  

Greece – HACSA -  

Hungary – HCMPS - www.capmarketprof.hu - info@capmarketprof.hu  

Italy – AIAF - www.aiaf.it - info@aiaf.it  

Kazakhstan – FIAK - www.afk.kz - madi@afk.kz  

Latvia – LASMP - roberts.idelsons@parex.lv  

Lithuania – FAA -  www.finansai.lt  

Netherlands – VBA - www.nvba.nl - secretariaat@nvba.nl  

Norway – NFF  - www.finansanalytiker.no - guri.angell-hansen@finansanalytiker.no  

Poland – PABIA - http://www.pabia.org.pl - biuro@zmid.org.pl  

Portugal – APAF - www.apaf.org.pt - apaf@apaf.org.pt  

Romania – AAFBR -  http://www.aafb.ro/index.php - office@aafb.ro  

Russia – GIFA - www.gifa.ru - info@gifa.ru    

Serbia - UFAS -  

Spain – IEAF  - www.ieaf.es - secretaria@ieaf.es  

Sweden – SFF www.finansanalytiker.se - nils@finansanalytiker.se  

Switzerland – SFAA  - http://www.sfaa.ch - info@sfaa.ch  

Ukraine – USFA - www.usfa-ukraine.org - office@usfa-ukraine.org