[News] Launch September 2020: ABAF/BVFA and EFFAS present to you the Certified European Financial Analyst program

Posted by caroline.vangeel on 2 months 3 weeks ago


Due to the limited number and the creation of an extra module on ESG, we have decided to postpone our CEFA courses from February 14th to September. We will use this time to reorganise the courses both on content and organisation, launch a new module on ESG and acquire more candidates. We want our courses to be top off the bill and respond fully to your expectations.


We will get back to you asap with the new exact dates of our programme.

The Certified European Financial Analyst (further “CEFA”) training program is focused on the day-to-day work for portfolio managers, fund managers, CFO’s, asset managers and operational banking people. Responding to the request from different banks, the Belgian Association of Financial Analysts (further “ABAF-BVFA”), in collaboration with the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (further “EFFAS”), decided to jointly launch the 2020 CEFA program with as core objective to provide a professional and more practical program covering a true market need by the finance industry.

Ensuring that investment professionals receive the best possible training has always been a top priority for ABAF-BVFA. After all, only sound qualification courses backed by ongoing training for all capital market experts can guarantee a truly professional advice service and corresponding consumer protection in a transparent market.

Why should you follow this program?

This program aims to bring a valued and consistent training to finance professionals, financial analysts, fund managers, credit managers, corporate finance specialists, investment and private bankers, asset managers,…

The added value of CEFA lies within:
■ A solid professional program in finance
■ An international recognised qualification (27 countries)
■ A complete online learning and examination platform
■ The expertise of highly certified lecturers
■ A wide range of possibilities for participation in further international top finance programmes and examinations

“A quality program in less than 1 year or spread over 3 years, with an international qualification. Professional training that invests in you not only today but also –  and more importantly - tomorrow!”