o   As a company


Currently we cover about 50 companies in our analysis. They are a mix of Bel20 members and some 30 small and mid caps. Main criteria that we use to add a company to the list is our ability to assure the quality and the reliability of the survey results. This requires a minimum number of analysts, so the available analyst resources are crucial in the company selection process.

If you as a listed company think there might good be a good reason to be on our list or you want to have more information about the award you can contact

Luc Van der Elst, Coordinator of the Award +32 (0) 3 2445497 Luc.VanderElst@delen.be

or our secretary +32 (0)2 507 69 67 info@abaf-bvfa.be


o   As an analyst


In order to maintain the good quality of our survey it is key to have a sufficient number of financial analysts to participate in the screening process. Therefore we are keen to welcome you as an analyst to help us in this process.


If you, as a financial analyst, want to participate or want to request more information, please send your request and contact details to :info@abaf-bvfa.be