[News] The CEFA programme has been officially launched with great success!

Posted by caroline.vangeel on 1 year 8 months ago

ABAF-BVFA officialy launched the "Certified European Financial Analyst" training programme, in collaboration with EFFAS and Febelfin Academy. Today, more than 30 participants are taking the first classroom training about Risk mananagement with Hans Buysse, financial analyst and partner at Clairfield.

Ensuring that investment professionals receive the best possible training is a top priority for ABAF-BVFA. After all, only sound qualification courses backed by ongoing training for all capital market experts can guarantee a truly professional advice service and corresponding consumer protection in a transparent market.

If you are interested in following the CEFA programma, find here all the useful information.

“A quality programme in less than 1year or spread over 3 years, with an international qualification. Professional training  that invests in you not only today but also – and more importantly - tomorrow!”